I'm a PhD Candidate in the Applied Economics Department at Oregon State University, with a Masters in Agriculture and Resource Economics from University of California, Davis.  I was born and raised in Norway and moved to the U.S. in 2013 to pursue a bachelor's degree.

I study topics related to environmental policy, biodiversity conservation, land-use management, and non-market valuation.  The goal of my research is to provide insight and inform decision makers in the development of environmental policies and conservation programs. I have a special interest in efforts to prevent deforestation and the illicit trade in endangered wildlife products, alongside a curiosity about black market interactions and spillovers.  

In my research I obtain data from a variety of sources (see  working papers section). I have experience working with publicly available datasets to construct a panel (e.g. "The Elephant in the Room");  global and regional panel data processed from satellite imagery sources (e.g. "Storms, Mangroves, and Local Livelihoods"); and lidar-derived measurements combined with spatial data and (repeated) property transactions (e.g. "Coastal Erosion Protection on the Oregon Coast" using ArcGIS). 

Curriculum Vitae

Contact me:

email: gjerdsee[at]oregonstate.edu