Welcome to my website!

I'm a PhD Candidate in the Applied Economics Department at Oregon State University, with a Masters in Agriculture and Resource Economics from University of California, Davis.  I was born and raised in Norway and moved to the U.S. in 2013 to pursue a bachelor's degree.

I study topics related to environmental policy, biodiversity conservation, and economic development.  The goal of my research is to provide insight and inform decision makers in the development of environmental policies and conservation programs. I have a special interest in efforts to prevent deforestation and the illicit trade in endangered wildlife products, alongside a curiosity about black market interactions and spillovers.  

In my research I obtain data from a variety of sources (see Research section). I have experience working with publicly available datasets to construct a panel (e.g. "Crush and Burn");  global and regional panel data processed from satellite imagery sources (e.g. "When Disaster Strikes"); and lidar-derived measurements combined with spatial data and (repeated) property transactions (e.g. "Coastal Erosion Protection on the Oregon Coast" using ArcGIS). 

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Contact me:

email: gjerdsee[at]oregonstate.edu